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Riverside County Youth Commission


Riverside County Board of Supervisors

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors created the Youth Commission in 1998 in order to interact on a personal level with Riverside County youth, better respond to and understand their needs in making policy decisions. As a county-wide student government, the Youth Commission provides advice, assistance and recommendations on youth related issues to the Board of Supervisors and County Departments. In addition, the Youth Commission focuses on the educational, recreational and cultural needs of youth by working together to host meaningful events that the youth will benefit from. The Commission works to ensure the coordination of community resources in order to improve the quality of life of all young people in the County of Riverside. The Youth Advisory Council members assist each Supervisor's office by serving their community, representing their Supervisor and providing a voice of youth to the county.

Each of the Five County Supervisors has a Legislative Intern assigned to their district who manages their Youth Advisory Council. The Intern is the YAC Coordinator and is the direct connection between the students and the Supervisor’s office. YAC Coordinators oversee all aspects of their council, plan events, facilitate meetings, recruit students and act as as mentor for our youth participants. All five YAC Coordinators work together with the Youth Commission Program Coordinator to plan the Commission's annual events, meetings and community collaborations.

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Youth Advisory Councils

Each Supervisorial District has a YAC program for the high school students within that district. Students are elected into officer positions within each council. These positions include a Commissioner who facilitates the YAC meetings and sits on the Youth Commission Board. Each YAC program provides hundreds of hours of service to the community throughout the school year. Councils create goals each year that help them determine some areas of concentration they would like to have an impact on in their communities. A committee is created for each council goal in order to help plan and facilitate events, projects or collaborations to help the council meet each goal.

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Riverside County Youth Commission

All five Youth Advisory Councils make up the Riverside County Youth Commission. The five Commissioners from each council serve on the Youth Commission Board. The board elects a Chair, Co-Chair and Secretary to help lead the Youth Commission. Bi-Monthly Youth Commission Meetings are held to provide updates and discuss upcoming projects, collaborations and events. This is also a platform for our Commissioners to provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on Youth Related issues. These meetings are open to the public and held in the Board Chambers at the County Administration Center and live streamed on our Youth Commission Facebook Page.

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