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Youth Retreat

The goal of Youth Retreat is to excite and prepare the students for the school year by providing them with necessary skills and information they will need to become effective YAC members.


Youth In Government Day

Is an event where students are paired with County Employees based on their interests  and career aspirations  for a day of job shadowing. The students get to see first hand what a day in the life of a county employee such as a District Attorney or a Probation Officer! This allows them to see if their career interests are right for them and open their eyes to other careers they may not have previously considered before.  

Youth in Government

Youth Summit

Is a youth conference that is held annually and completely sponsored and put on by the Youth Commission and the YAC students. High schools from throughout the county are invited to attend the event where we have several speakers discuss topics that are important to todays youth.


Youth Summit 2019: The Best Experience Ever